Everywhere you look there is another empty storefront, closed down by the economy which stumbled and has yet fully recovered. There are people out of work throughout this great nation; good hard working Americans who’s job closed or whose company had to cutback on employees. The stories are as varied as the people who have experience them but one thing is the same, the outcome. People here are losing their jobs, health insurance, homes, vehicles and basically their very livelihood.

Of course there are always those people who look at the dire economy and decide the best thing they can do is live fast and furiously. Playing at slots USA friendly online casinos is a fast and furious way to lose money, but at least you’ll have fun doing it. Affiliate sites for slots like this one present you with a wide variety of tempting games. If you think you will win big, you are really totally disillusioned. Gambling can be fun and even challenging, but if you can not afford to lose your money then you probably shouldn’t be gambling in the first place. And in this economy, there are far more people who can not and should not be gambling at online casinos or land-based casinos.

Some people, like countless others, have had to find a moving company to help them move into a less expensive abode. In some cases they are moving because their home was repossessed by the bank. Las Vegas has been especially hard hit. The whole process of leaving a home due to repossession is depressing.

These people had no way of knowing this would happen and most of them don’t know what they could do to help the situation. Many of them would do whatever they could to help the people they see all around suffering. Unfortunately, the reason many of these people are in the situation they are in is because of that very base instinct that they have had to help people in the past. It has always been a priority of the United States to try to ensure that the suffering and hardships of those around the globe are offset by our kindness. We have sent aid in to desperate situations for years. We even offer military aid and support around the world to ensure the many varied people around the globe are treated with a some humanity.

We support the world economy as much or more than any other nation but enough is enough. Our own citizens should not be made to suffer so we can send jobs to India or purchase goods shipped in from Taiwan in an attempt to fund their economy. These examples are only the tip of the iceberg. We have wasted countless fortunes on hopeless situations in an attempt to continuously improve the situation of people on other continents. Please understand, I am not suggesting we cutoff foreign aid. I am only suggesting that some sort of domestic aid be set in motion to help ensure that American children do not have to go to bed hungry or that American mothers and fathers have a place to go to work so they can support their families.

In order to help replenish our economy we must consider redirecting a small portion of the aid we send to other part of the world into the hardest hit parts of the American economy. We need to replace some of the jobs we have sent overseas with suitable replacements which will offer a salary that can at least help support a family. What ever happened to the American dream? It seems like anymore the American dream is to have enough to survive when it used to mean so much more. We used to dream of lofty goals but now we seem to be dreaming about survival which is not right at all.

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